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WHO Global Pandemic Treaty

The Irish government has said it fully supports a proposed treaty to give the WHO legally binding authority over Irish laws should any new pandemic or variant emerge. So neither the Irish government nor the Irish people will have any recourse against the diktats of an unelected international body in the future.

Vaccine Damage Accountability

As of 10th May 2022, a total of 20,182 reports of vaccine adverse reactions including 113 deaths have been reported to the HPRA. Where are the investigations? Where is the media? Where is the accountability for all this?

Irish Neutrality

Since the inception of the Irish State we have always held a position of neutrality in wars between other countries. However our government now seeks to abandon this rational position to appease international bodies such as the EU and NATO. War is always horrific and it is always the people that suffer, taking sides only escalates and prolongs it.

Digital Passports, Digital Currency

The financial system as we know it is imploding. We can all now see the crippling inflation starting to take effect in our daily lives. The economic reset is now being openly discussed. Digital passports tied to controllable central bank digital currency, an end to cash and a universal basic income are all on the way as the 'solutions'. Our rights to work, earn a living and live as we see fit are quickly disappearing.

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