About Sovereign People

So what exactly is Sovereign People? In one sentence Sovereign People is a people's movement consisting of a collaborative network of individuals and groups from all around Ireland who are dissatisfied with the corrupt power structures currently destroying Irish society.

Many people in Ireland are now aware that our government does not operate to serve the best interests of the Irish people, it instead serves the interests of global banks, corporations and international bodies such as the UN, EU and WHO. The reason it does this is that those individuals who do are well rewarded for doing so. Furthermore the mechanisms and institutions that are supposed to safeguard against such practices such as the media, judicial system and police are also captured agencies. Greed and corruption, it's always been a problem where power is concerned but in the last few years it has gotten so blatant and out of control it is obvious even to the most trusting in our society.

So what can be done about it? It's a good question, a very good question and a very difficult question to answer. This is why Sovereign People was formed. Over the last couple of years a small but significant minority of Irish people took to the streets when they had their businesses forcibly closed, were confined to 5km from their homes whether healthy or not and were coerced to take experimental medical treatments. Most of these were small groups, every now and again they'd attempt to come together but inevitably mistrust, disagreement on solutions and other issues thwarted the effort. But eventually we learned from this. Ireland is a nation of tribes, trying to unite all the tribes under one banner was never going to work and in fact, it shouldn't! Any resistance to the corrupt powers that shouldn't be in this country would love to see a single, easily identifiable and targetable group.

Sovereign People was formed to address this issue undermining effective resistance to our corrupt and ever increasingly tyrannical government. We are not a group, we are a network of groups. We are not trying to lead, you are the leaders of your own groups. But we all agree on a lot of issues, namely that we wish to see an Ireland for future generations that is based in truth, liberty and sovereignty, for each of us as individuals, for our groups and communities and for our nation as a whole. Sovereign People's role is to simply to help those of us that share these values work together more effectively.

Probably the most important aspect of Sovereign People is the fact that we do not all have to agree on everything. We don't. We value freedom of speech and expression however unpopular and in fact believe that progress towards the sort of Ireland we all want to build will need all the different ideas, opinions and rigorous debate to get there.

Finally, the name Sovereign People was chosen (after much rigorous debate!) as a tip of the hat to Padraig Pearce's pamphlet/essay titled "The Sovereign People" completed in March 1916. The opening paragraph should explain the thinking...

"National independence involves national sovereignty. National sovereignty is twofold in its nature. It is both internal and external. It implies the sovereignty of the nation over all its parts, over all men and things within the nation; and it implies the sovereignty of the nation as against all other nations. Nationality is a spiritual fact; but nationhood includes physical freedom, and physical power in order to the maintenance of physical freedom, as well as the spiritual fact of nationality." - P.H. Pearse (31st March 1916)

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