Below are all of the upcoming events that have been organised by groups that are associated with Sovereign People. Some of the events are one-offs while others are on a regular/weekly basis. If you would like to publicize your group's events on this page please get in touch with us through the contact page.

One-off events

Regular events

About Hold The Line Events

Hold the Line (HTL) involves standing in line and holding a sign. It's purpose is to publicise what's really going on to the general public who are unaware of the issues such as the W.H.O. Pandemic Treaty, Digital I.D., Hate Speech Laws, our Neutrality, the 39th Amendment to the Housing Act, the Destruction of our Sperrins and the forced release of Pfizer data.
HTL empowers each individual to proactively engage with our fellow citizens. It takes a commitment of 1 hour per week. You can set one up in your locality or join an existing group simply by showing up. There is a great sense of community within the groups but also a sense of achievement when you actively engage in destroying the lies.

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