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Realizing and accepting that there are huge problems facing Ireland today is the first hurdle the majority of people need to get over. Once that acceptance is in place understanding what those problems are is the next. This understanding can often be associated with a number of different emotions including fear, depression, anxiety and anger, and these emotions are both predictable and understandable given the gravity of the situation we face. Everybody works through these emotions in their own way and at their own pace, it usually involves large amounts of time on various social media platforms exchanging information and finding people who also understand the problem. But eventually the realization that none of these emotions are solving anything sets in and you begin to ask yourself "OK, what can I do to actually help?"

This section is aimed at helping those who've finally made that decision to try and do something. The learned helplessness that society has ingrained in us from an early age is the last hurdle to overcome. "But sure what can I do?" is the voice of that training and the puppets in our government and their globalist handlers all want you to believe that voice, that you're powerless to do anything so no there's no point even trying. But there is, and they're well aware of that. Even if you fail, trying is a victory in and of itself. Trying is a refusal to accept that you're powerless, the first step to being free, the first step of a Sovereign Individual.

Sure what can I do, I'm just one person... said 4 million Irish men and women!

Letters to your TD

When the Irish government is doing something you disagree with the logical and often overlooked first step is to tell them. This might sound obvious but for many of us disillusionment with our government is so strong that we can feel there's no point... but there is.

When we don't inform our government of our disapproval this silence is used by them to manufacture a false claim of consent and before long they're on RTE claiming 'this is what the people want'. Take this ability away from them, use your voice to express your disapproval. If done in sufficient numbers at the very least it will make it more difficult for them to force through their agenda, which is all too often to the detriment of the Irish people.

Stop the Hate Speech legislation

As you are probably aware the Irish government is currently trying to introduce a new 'Hate Speech' bill. Be under no illusion, this bill has nothing to do with protecting minorities as it claims and has everything to do with silencing any and all dissenting voices that would speak up in disagreement to government policies in the future. In short this is a bill that is designed to end freedom of speech in Ireland.

Use the template letter below (courtesy of Tracey O'Mahony) to write to TDs and senators to voice your objection to this bill.


Not unlike writing to your TD many of us are understandably cynical when it comes to petitions. "Sure it's a waste of time", or, "sure the government couldn't care less" etc. are the usual arguments, and these arguements are valid in many ways.

It's true to say that petitions aren't THEE solution to the problem and it would be naive to say different, but, they can help be a PART of the solution. They can help exert some pressure, pressure that if exerted in sufficient numbers can at least force the government to address it. They would rather not address it, they would rather go about doing what they want to do with nobody making a fuss as their response is usually weak (to say the least) and by doing so they risk alerting more of the pubic to the valid argument above, that they really don't care what the people think!

As for it being a waste of time, it takes about 2 minutes to click one of the buttons below and sign, it'll be done before the kettle boils. A petition has never actually hurt a cause whereas signing it MIGHT actually help it.

Abolish the Irish Medical Council

The Medical Council regulates the medical profession.
It appears to have used its powers under the Medical Practitioners Act (1978 and amended 2007) to silence 21,000 doctors by threatening them with delisting and loss of livelihood if any should speak out against government management of covid, vaccination policy, NPHET or anything that in their view undermines confidence in public health policy.

Take to the streets

If you can spare more than a few minutes to send a letter or sign a petition and want to do more, how about spending 1 hour a week helping out with one of the many Hold The Line events going on around the country? There are weekly events in almost every county in Ireland.

Hold the Line (HTL) involves standing in line and holding a sign. It's purpose is to publicise what's really going on to the general public who are unaware of the issues such as the W.H.O. Pandemic Treaty, Digital I.D., Hate Speech Laws, our Neutrality, the 39th Amendment to the Housing Act, the Destruction of our Sperrins and the forced release of Pfizer data. HTL empowers each individual to proactively engage with our fellow citizens. It takes a commitment of 1 hour per week. You can set one up in your locality or join an existing group simply by showing up. There is a great sense of community within the groups but also a sense of achievement when you actively engage in destroying the lies.

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